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Let's talk about the Cloud.

When customers say they are looking at the cloud, it can mean so many different things. What do you first think of when talking about the cloud?

We can straighten all that out, including dispelling any myths that are common place. 

There is no doubt that more and more businesses are putting data into to cloud, but is this safe for your business?

So many questions that have answers but just lead to more questions...Give us a call and speak to us or drop an email. We can help you understand what you need, and how it all works.

Key Cloud Stats

Here are some figures about the cloud

100 Zettabytes

Estimated total data in the cloud 

(Thats 100000000000000 Gb!)

31 %

of businesses that actually have cloud backups 

(Many people think there are no need as its in the cloud, even Microsoft don't keep backups of your data, including e-mails!)

10 £/Month

Average cost of a Terabyte of storage in the cloud

30 %

Average annual cost saving vs using On Premise Servers.

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